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Questions about Fire Sprinkler Systems?

For years, Hollywood has created a popularized image of sprinkler systems spewing gallons of water at the spark of a flame. Exciting stuff, but the reality is far more boring. Read below for the truth about fire sprinkler systems, and why a boring sprinkler system could save lives and money.

How do automatic sprinkler systems work and how can they save you money?

Automatic sprinkler systems have numerous automatic discharging heads that are connected to a series of pipes, valves, fittings, and a water supply. When the sprinkler head is exposed to heat, the orifice opens to deliver the fire suppression agent – typically water.

For the period of 2002 through 2004, the Fire Analysis and Research Division of the NFPA reports the ability of sprinkler systems to reduce deaths by at least 57%, and to lower the damage caused by fires by 34% - 68%.

Automatic sprinkler systems can be your first and best defense against fires. They are able to activate within seconds of the fire’s beginning. Fire companies can often take many minutes to get to the fire, at which time the fire could have become an inferno.

How much water comes out of a sprinkler system when activated?

When the sprinklers begin to operate, water is discharged only at the location of the fire, and an alarm is sounded.

During this critical time period, the sprinklers not only fight the fire, but also pre-wet the surrounding objects to limit the fire spreading. When the fire department does arrive, the fire is significantly more controlled and manageable (if not completely extinguished).

Sprinklers are ready always ready (24/7), respond promptly when needed, only sprinkle directly over the fire, and use far less water than hose streams from fire departments.

The benefits of owning a fire sprinkler system:

  1. Conservation of property and lives
  2. Property insurance cost savings
  3. Less down time, maintain schedules
  4. Less water damage with fire
  5. Peace of mind


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